Create An Event Landing Page To Drive Ticket Sales

Élisabeth Dignard

Apr 20, 2022

As an event marketer, one of your jobs is to drive potential attendees into actual attendees by pushing ticket sales or registrations. We know that creating an event is hard work and we don’t want to add too much to your plate, but if you hadn’t thought about creating a webpage or landing page for your event, think again!

Not only is it a great way to promote your next event, but it can also drive up registrations to potential attendees. Here’s everything you need to know about event landing pages!

What is an event landing page?

An event landing page is a webpage that is specifically designed to give key details about an upcoming event to potential event attendees. Its primary goal is to entice people to enroll, register or attend. It’s also a great way to promote the benefits of attending, showcasing the event schedule, and answering frequently asked questions.

In addition, you can use your landing page to collect contact information about your website visitors. One of its goals is to generate awareness about the brand and convert visitors into potential qualified leads, whether it’s for this event, the next, or your product/services.

What should be included in an event landing page:

  • CTA button to drive registrations
  • FAQ
  • Key details about the event and how to purchase tickets
  • Social proof (social media pages)

What could be included in an event landing page:

  • Testimonials of past events
  • Event organizers / Partners
  • Countdown timer

How to create an event landing page

Do you want to create an event website but don’t know how to get started? It’s actually much easier than you think, and if you know your way around the web, you can probably take care of it yourself.

Websites like Hubspot, Mailchimp, and Unbounce provide landing page templates to help you get started. They are awesome tools to help you create your perfect event landing page, as well as give you some useful design tips to optimize that conversion rate. If you already have a website, you could simply add a page, easily accessible from your main pages, that is more specific to your event.

Best Practices that Convert

Even if you create the best landing page, it might not be enough to guarantee conversions. Here are some event page design tips and best practices to make a better first impression.

Adapt your content to your target audience

There is a huge advantage of using targeted landing pages: you can focus your content on your target audience. For example, if you are creating a digital marketing conference landing page, you might want to adapt your content to marketing agencies, freelancers, or students.

  • Make your design user friendly

A well-designed page has a higher chance of making a good impression on visitors. When creating an event registration landing page, pay attention to small details like the fonts, the header, CTAs, and registration forms. The ultimate goal is to make your event key information obvious without cluttering the rest of the page. When in doubt, always keep it simple!

  • Set clear expectations

Before they register, attendees need to know exactly what they’re getting into, so make sure your landing page highlights all important details. No matter the type of event (in-person meetup or virtual event), showcase the dates, the price, speaker details (if applicable), location, and other important information.

  • Use your landing page as a marketing tool

After creating your landing page, use it to good advantage! Webinars, social or Google ads, having influencers talk about your event on Linkedin, the possibilities are endless! Regardless of your promotion strategy, your landing page is the one place you can always drive potential attendees for information about your event.

Event landing page examples

Needing a little inspiration? We gathered 3 landing page examples you can get inspired from when creating your own. But remember, the uniqueness of your event is what’s going to make your event landing page special, so do not be afraid to make it your own!

Web à Québec

The WAQ chose a very simple yet flamboyant design, which represents well their 3-day conference in Quebec City. You don’t get that overwhelming feeling as they stick to the key details on the homepage, but you can navigate the website if you need more information.

Event landing page example

Red hat Summit

Red Hat Summit makes it extremely easy to register with a CTA button at the very top. They also put the emphasis on the speakers as well as added multiple internal links for a better user experience.

Event landing page example

B2B Marketing Exchange

Lastly, Next level ABM is using a very colorful design for their 3-day event. We can clearly see the location (virtual), the dates, and social proof by adding reviews/testimonials and the number of past registrants. The ‘Register Now’ CTA is very clear, right up there in the header, which makes it very easy for potential attendees to click.

Event landing page example

And then, create your event badges

After building your dream event landing page and converting your visitors into attendees, you want to continue to impress them until the event. Send out some email marketing campaigns with key details or a countdown to the event and keep them excited for the big day!

Then, a few weeks before your event, we highly recommend creating custom event badges for your registrants with Conference Badge. Completely customize each badge, use the same landing page design for your badges, with the same colors and fonts while adding the attendee name.

Conference badge examples