On-site Printing

With Conference Badge you can create high quality name badges on-site for last minute attendees, to fix typos or to print the entire guest list on demand.

Improve your event's presentation by providing all attendees with printed badges, no more hand-written ones. Event managers love the ability to generate almost instantly professional-looking badges during their events.

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What is needed to print on-site?

Any consumer-grade printer

The office printer? It works. The one collecting dust in your home's basement? It works too. Pretty much any printer will work. The only requirement is that is must accept PDF documents. For many years now, most printers do.

A desktop or laptop computer

Conference Badge's Print Center, or where you create the on-site badges works best with desktop or laptop computer. So no smartphones or tablets for the moment. We have optimized the tool to work better with larger screens.

On-site Kits or just plain paper

One of the best features of our solution is that you can use any kind of paper. Get our On-site kits or any Avery product. The Print Center allows you to customize the PDF containing the badges to fit any template you wish to use.

An internet connection

Our system is hosted online, so it can only be accesed and used with an active and reliable internet connection. The good thing is that you don't need to install or add any software. It's ready to be used anytime, anywhere.

A simple way to create badges on-site

Add the attendee's information

Choose the most convenient way to import the information:

Sync One-click import with Eventbrite or Universe
Import Upload .xls or .csv file for bulk upload
Manual entry Type-in the attendee's information

Generate the PDF badge

Select one or multiple attendees and instantly generate a ready-to-print PDF file with badges. We do the grunt work of merging the variable data to the badge design.

Download and print

Click on the download button and send the file to print. Any printer that accepts PDF files will work.

What's included in one On-site Kit?

Micro-perforated sheet of paper

Our kits' paper lets you print one double-sided badge at a time. This minimizes waste because you're not left with unused badges. They also come with a micro-perforation that makes the tearing of the badge from the template really easy.

4"x 3" Badge Sheet size is A5 (5.83 × 8.27 in)
4"x 6" Badge Sheet size is US Letter (8.5 × 11 in)

Plastic holder and Instructions

Each kit comes with one plastic holder. It will also include instructions for how to setup the kit in your printer. The most important thing to remember is to set to printer to Actual Size or Scale: 100%

How Semaine numériQC's team saved 28 hours of work.


An 18,000 attendee event needs fast, high quality pre-printed badges and a simple on-site printing solution. They wanted all badges, pre-printed and not, to look the same.


The event manager leverages Conference Badge's on-site printing solution to create additional badges for last-minute attendees in a matter of seconds by our On-site Kits and a standard printer.

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