Eco Friendly Lanyards   Top Things To Consider When Buying Sustainable Lanyards

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Jacob Black

Mar 26, 2024

Eco Friendly Lanyards - Top Things To Consider When Buying Sustainable Lanyards

As the earth warms up and corporations around the world begin to adopt Environmental, Sustainability, and Governance (ESG) guidelines in greater numbers, the incentive for businesses to green up their image is increasing.

A survey from McKinsey found that two-thirds of consumers, and more than three-quarters of millennials look for brands and corporations that offer environmentally friendly products. B2B consumers are also looking for partners that share those eco-friendly ideals.

Eco-friendly lanyards are one of those small details that can help set your brand apart from others. This level of detailed focus gives your conference, meeting, or brand event the type of eco-friendly street-cred that brands fight for.

By choosing environmentally friendly lanyards you’re helping demonstrate your organization’s commitment to the planet in a vibrant, colorful, and affordable way.

But eco-friendly lanyards are about more than just image. There are very real business reasons to focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable practices right down to the micro level.

Your conference will attract more of the guests you’re looking for if you focus on attention to detail, and incorporate your green credentials in every aspect of your operations. In many cases, this will make it easier for your partners to choose your organization over less green-focused options, giving your event a competitive edge.

What Are Eco-Friendly Lanyards?

The lanyard is a key part of your event’s image. These colorful ribbons are practical, in that they offer a way to securely hold your conference ID badge without marking clothing or relying on finicky pins. They’re also a great branding opportunity, where your organization’s colors and logo can shine.

Environmentally friendly lanyard options take this to a new level. They can be made out of a wide range of either recycled or organic and biodegradable material, including:

  • Organic Cotton: This all-natural material is soft, durable, and completely biodegradable. It is a highly sustainable and environmentally friendly material that also feels great to touch.
  • Recycled Plastic: Plastic bottles and other recyclable plastics are broken down into Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) fibers which create strong and sustainable lanyards.
  • Bamboo: Bamboo fibers spun into a long-lasting and extremely strong bamboo lanyard that can be dyed in any color and printed on. These are softer than the recycled PET lanyards.
  • Plant-silk: A hybrid of silk and plant fibers spun into a strong and durable material that’s available in a wide range of colors. It’s also a very soft and luxurious material.
  • Casein Fiber: Casein fiber is made using evaporated milk pulp. This organic material creates a reusable lanyard that’s fully customizable.

Lanyards built from these materials are every bit as durable, reliable, and customizable as traditional fabric or plastic lanyards.

You can silkscreen your logo on them and use them with almost any type of ID holder. You can even make wristbands from the same sustainable materials as your lanyards.

Types of Eco Lanyards

The main difference in lanyard types is the fastening mechanism. You can connect your conference badge card holder with various clips including:

  • Split ring clip
  • Swivel hook
  • Bulldog clip
  • Safety breakaway

These badge holder fasteners can even be constructed using recycled metals or the same recycled PET plastics as your lanyard itself might be made from. The variety of lanyards is almost as diverse as the myriad options for conference room layouts!

Choosing a Lanyard

Choosing which material to use for your lanyard depends on your individual needs. Almost all the eco-friendly lanyard options available are durable and robust, but the clip type might change depending on your event.

For example, safety breakaways are a good option if your trade show includes machinery or live demonstrations where a lanyard might get caught in a contraption.

You can choose lanyards in full color too, so you color code your attendees and guests to make sure they’re in the right place at the right time, and even provide separate lanyards for staff, the conference catering team, and more.

You can choose a wide range of custom lanyards for your conference while still looking after the planet.

Contact Conference Badge For Your Conference ID Holder Needs

It’s easy to add your custom lanyard to your Conference Badge cardholder order. This, paired with our high-quality cardboard badge options makes it easy to give your guests and partners sustainable ID products that promote your organization in the best possible light.

Taking care of the planet matters, and now your lanyards can show your commitment to the cause while creating a memorable conversation piece with your event guests.

Get started with your conference ID order today.

Eco-Friendly Lanyard FAQs

Are lanyards eco-friendly?

While lanyards are a disposable item, you can make them from recycled or biodegradable materials that are more sustainable and less harmful to the environment than standard options. Organic cotton lanyards are more eco-friendly than synthetic materials, so the material you choose impacts how environmentally friendly a lanyard will be.

How can you make conference badge lanyards more sustainable?

There are many ways to reduce the environmental footprint of your event ID products. One is to make them reusable, so they last longer. Consider using generic logos or event names on your lanyards, and avoid using dates or locations on your design to make them last longer. Otherwise, you can order recycled and eco-friendly lanyards from Conference Badge.

Are eco-friendly lanyards expensive?

Lanyards are small and inexpensive items that represent a tiny fraction of your conference budgeting plans.

Most eco-friendly lanyard options are competitively priced with less planet-conscious versions, and in the rare cases they do cost more, the cost is less than a few cents per unit.

How do you dispose of lanyards after an event?

Recycle and reuse are the two central tenets of sustainability. You can recycle your lanyards if they’re made from certain materials. Biodegradable materials can be mulched, and for the ultimate in sustainability, you can even reuse your lanyards. One way to collect them is to remind attendees to return their lanyards when they submit their post event survey questions.