A Complete Guide To Create Custom Name Badges For Kids

Artwork by Mónica Alexis


Élisabeth Dignard

Jul 26, 2023

Whether you're organizing a birthday party, school function, or any kid-centric gathering, custom name tags for kids are a game-changer. This guide will explore why kids’ name tags are an absolute must for your next event, from creating a personalized experience for the children to enhancing security.

You’ll also find a step-by-step guide on creating unique name tags that are visually appealing and functional and sharing expert tips and tricks along the way. Let’s dive in

What are name badges for kids, and why are they important

Name badges for kids are personalized identification tags explicitly designed for children attending events, parties, or classrooms. There are different types of badges for kids, from name tag labels to iron-on school supplies like lunch boxes or school bags and self-adhesive badges to help identify kids at an event.

Name badges for kids

Why should you consider making name badges for kids at your next event?

Here are a few reasons:

1. Enhanced Security: Name badges make it easier for event organizers, teachers, and staff to identify children and ensure their safety. By having each child wear a badge with their name and possibly other relevant information, it becomes easier to monitor and control access, minimizing the risk of unauthorized individuals entering the premises.

2. Personalized Experience: Custom name badges give kids a unique and personalized experience. When children have their badges, it gives them a sense of importance. They feel recognized and valued, contributing to their overall enjoyment of the event.

3. Easy Identification: In crowded or unfamiliar environments, it can be challenging to remember the names of all the children. Name badges solve this problem by providing a visual cue that helps parents, organizers, and other participants quickly identify and address each child by name, creating a more engaging atmosphere.

How to create custom name badges for kids

You’ve probably seen the basic “hello my name is” adhesive badges. While those can work, you can also use a tool like Conference Badge, which simplifies creating name badges for kids with customizable templates, user-friendly interfaces, and printing options. Effortlessly design and produce visually appealing badges tailored to your event's theme or requirements.

To get started, follow these simple steps:

1. Sign in or create an account: Visit the Conference Badge website and sign in using your credentials. If you're new to the platform, create a free account.

2. Create your attendee list: When you have the basic information for all kids attending, create a spreadsheet like Excel and fill out all the columns that are relevant to you. Save the file.

Name badges for kids

3. Create an event: Back on Conference Badge, click “New event,” then match the column’s name with the attendee’s info.

4. Select product and size: Choose which badges you want. If you want your badges to be printable so you can print them on whatever paper (like an adhesive name tag sticker), select PDF name badges. If you want us to print them for you and send them ahead of your event, you also have that option.

5. Select a template: Choose from one of our templates or start from blank.

6. Customize the badges: Add text and images, select from the different fonts, and personalize your badges according to your liking.

Name badges for kids

Tips and tricks to keep in mind when creating name badges for kids

When creating badges for kids, consider the following tips to make the process easier and more enjoyable:

Use large fonts and clear text

Ensure the child's name and any additional information on the name tag badge are easy to read. Opt for larger fonts and clear text to make it accessible for everyone, including younger children, just beginning to read.

Use durable materials

Kids can be active and energetic, so using sturdy materials for the badges is essential. Opt for thicker cardstock or badge stock that withstands wear and tear throughout the event. You can also try different badges, like waterproof label stickers, iron-on clothing labels, and self-adhesive names, or grab water-resistant badge holders.

Consider customization options

Explore tools or platforms that offer customization features, like Conference Badge, to streamline the badge creation process. These tools often provide user-friendly interfaces, templates, and editing options, saving time and effort!

Conference Badge offers an easy-to-use badge creator to take your event to the next level. Try it today!